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Maria Isabel Garces Davila

PhD Student (Community Health Sciences)

The effect of maternal stress on adverse childhood experiences, mental health and justice involvement of the offspring: And intergenerational analysis of stress. Supervisor: Dr. Tracie O. Afifi


Alanna Johnson

MA Student (Psychology)

The impact of a shelter stay on relationship values for women victims of partner violence.
Supervisor: Dr. Diane Hiebert-Murphy


Sarah Petty

PhD Student (Psychology)

Women`s anxiety symptoms and psychological treatment-seeking during the perinatal period. Supervisors: Dr. Kristin Reynolds and Dr. Patricia Furer


Claire Morden

MSc Student (Biochemistry and Medical Genetics)

Characterizing chromosome instability in chemonaive and chemoresistant high-grade serous ovarian cancer. Supervisors: Dr. Kirk McManus and Dr. Mark Nachtigal


Jordana Sommer

PhD Student (Psychology)

A preoperative virtual reality simulation surgery to reduce perioperative psychiatric sequelae in breast cancer patients. Supervisors:
Dr. Renée El-Gabalawy and Dr. Kristin Reynolds


Abin Chandrakumar

MSc Student (Pharmacology and Therapeutics)

Reseach Title: Maternal antibiotic use during pregnancy and childhood chronic diseases: a population-based study. Supervisor: Dr. Geert W't Jong


Janelle Boram Lee

MSc Student (Community Health Sciences)

Research Title: The relationship between maternal justice involvement and childhood outcomes of child protective services contact and maltreatment indicators: A Manitoba population-based cohort study. Supervisors: Dr. Marni Brownell and Dr. Nathan Nickel


Lindsey Mazur

MSc Student (Community Health Sciences)

Research Title: Experiences of stigma in prenatal/postnatal dietetic care among women with high BMI. Supervisor: Dr. Deborah McPhail


Chloe Shindruk

MN student (Nursing)

Research Title: Expert Nursing Care: Perinatal Palliative Care during Labor, Delivery and the Immediate Postpartum Period
Supervisor: Dr. Genevieve Thompson; Co-advisor Dr. Susan McClement


Dhiwya Attawar

PhD student (Community Health Sciences)

Research Title: The Community Health Worker in Maternal, Newborn, Child Health Interventions in Rural South India: Tracing Equity at the Health System - Community Interface
Supervisor: Dr. James Blanchard


Elizabeth Wall-Wieler

PhD student (Community Health Sciences)

Research Title: The Maternal Responses to Having a Child Taken Into Care Supervisor: Dr. Leslie Roos


Katherine Kenyon

MSc student (Psychology)

Research Title: How Women in Domestic Violence Shelters Experience Personal Empowerment
Supervisor: Dr. Diane Hiebert-Murphy


Kristene Cheung

MSc student (Psychology)

Research Title: Parental Psychopathology in Families of Children with ADHD: A Meta-analysis
Supervisor: Dr. Jennifer Theule


Suzanne Lennon

PhD student (Nursing)

Research Title:
Perception of Pregnancy Risk Among Women with Gestational Diabetes and Their Partners: The Impact of Gender


Natalie Mota

PhD student (Psychology)

Research Title:
The Experiences of Female Service Members in the Canadian Forces: A Mixed Methods Approach


Kelli Berzuk

PhD student (Individual Interdisciplinary Program)

Research Title: Evaluation of Increasing Awareness of Pelvic Floor Muscle Function on Pelvic Floor Dysfunction


Christine Henriksen

PhD student (Psychology)

Research Title: The Relationship Between Childhood Adversity and Eating Disorders in the General Population


Jonathon R. Walker

MSc student (Physiology)

Research Title: The Cardioprotective Effects of Probucol against Trastuzumab and Anthracycline Mediated Cardiotoxicity


Jennifer Wall

MSc student (Landscape Architecture)

Research Title: Rehabilitation and Meeting Needs of Women in an Institutional Setting Through Programmatic Landscape Design


Mollie Bates

MA student (Psychology)

Research Title: Readiness and Motivation for Change in Women with Eating Disorders


Sandra Dong Huang

MSc student (Community Health Sciences)

Research Title: Case of Three HIV Prevention Programs in Karnataka, India Undertaken by Three NGOs and a Sex Workers Collective


Susy Santos

PhD student (French, Spanish, & Italian – Individual Interdisciplinary Program, IIP)

Research Title: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Mental Health Among Older Adults and Aging Women


Hannah Neufeld

PhD student (Community Health Sciences)

Research Title: Understanding Aboriginal Women’s Experiences with Gestational Diabetes in the Urban Context of Winnipeg, Manitoba


Meta Kreiner

MSc student (Community Health Sciences)

Research Title: Stakeholder Perceptions of Midwifery Integration into the Manitoba Healthcare System


Virginia Spencer

PhD student (Biochemistry)

Research Title: Histone Acetylation and Nuclear Structure in Gene Expression


Sarah Bowen

PhD student (Community Health Sciences)

Research Title: Assessing the Responsiveness of Healthcare Organizations to Culturally Diverse Groups


Lisa Norquay

PhD student (Physiology)

Research Title: Regulatory P Sequences which Direct Expression of Human Growth Hormone Chorionic Somatommotropia Gene Family


Margaret Kozlowski

with Glaxo Wellcome, MSc student (Nursing)

Research Title: Variables that Affect Contraceptive Use in Postpartum Adolescent Females


Maureen Heaman

PhD student (Individual Interdisciplinary Program, IIP)

Research Title: Nursing Research Factors for Preterm Birth


Karen Paroschy

partnership with Pfizer Canada, PhD student (Physiology)

Research Title: Gender Differences in Psychological Distress (Male vs. Female)


Theresa Mayer

MSc student (Community Health Sciences)

Research Title: Gender Differences in Psychological Distress (Male vs. Female)


Farah Sheikh

PhD student (Physiology)

Research Title: Differences in Regenerative Recovery Rate Between Male and Female Myocytes Induced to Divide


Jo-Ann Sawatzky

PhD student (Community Health Sciences)

Research Title: Health Benefits of Exercise in Relation to Cardiovascular Health


Lanette Friesen

PhD student (Chemistry and Physics, NRC Institute for Biodiagnostics)

Research Title: Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Procedure for the Early Detection of Ovarian Cancer


Amanda Coutts

PhD student (Biochemistry/Molecular Biology)

Research Title: Molecular Biological Approaches Toward Understanding Breast Cancer


Lynda Balneaves

MSc student (Nursing)

Research Title: Use of Alternative Treatments of Women Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

See the following links for an update on Dr. Lynda Balneaves:


Gail Marchessault

PhD student (Community Health Sciences)

Research Title: Attitudes Toward Weight Issues of Middle-Aged Women, Their Teenage Daughters and Health Professionals


Deborah Handziuk

MSc student (Educational Psychology)

Research Title: Reporting of Sexual Abuse in Rural Communities

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